Eliel Saarinen Walking Tours

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Join me for a leisurely walk in beautiful, Art Nouveau Helsinki, while I recount stories of Finland and family.

Walking tours

Where to? (Almost) Anywhere!

If you only have 90 minutes or so to spare, I can take you from the 1860´s ‘til the 1920´s in the span of just a few blocks right in the centre of Helsinki.

If you would like to take in some more of Finland’s lovely capital city and see more Art Nouveau -style architecture, I’m fairly certain I can have you entertained for a good three hour walk. I’d also gladly accompany you on a 5-6 hour trip to Hvitträsk, the former home and studio of architects Gesellius, Lindgren and Saarinen, transfers included.

Accessible? Absolutely!

Each walking tour is tailored to suit your personal needs. Helsinki is a fairly accessible city with very few staircases or steep hills. Some streets have cobblestones, but we can avoid these areas, if you so wish. The National Museum is wheelchair accessible.

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